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Whether you're new to investing or have been investing for years, you owe it to yourself to experience the difference of working with a Premier Wealth Management Group advisor. Our firm is built to deliver personalized service, and we treat you with the respect you deserve.

Investing can be complicated. Ask all the questions you want, and we will answer them in plain English. Your financial advisor is your long-term financial partner. These are important goals and you need an advocate – someone who listens and really understands what's important to you. We believe that's the best way to develop a personalized financial strategy.

Advisory Services

Utilizing LPL’s advisory platforms, you choose a professionally managed portfolio of investments (called a model) based on your needs and risk tolerance. Advisory models can be composed of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and separately managed allocations. Each model is designed to work toward a specific objective. The program offers:

  • Asset allocation – Each model contains a broad range of asset classes allocated in proportions appropriate to pursue a specific portfolio objective.
  • Professional investment selection – Investments are selected through an extensive evaluation process conducted by our team of research professionals.
  • Automatic rebalancing – A sophisticated rebalancing process helps ensure your investments stay aligned with your portfolio objective and risk tolerance.

Life Insurance

You have choices when it comes to life insurance – it's a vital part of a solid overall financial strategy, helping you to protect your family and keep your finances from unraveling if something happens to you.


An annuity contract has two phases: an accumulation phase and a distribution phase. During the accumulation phase, the contract owner makes a payment or payments into the contract in exchange for either a fixed or a variable rate of return that is not subject to income taxes until withdrawal, permitting the tax-deferred growth of the investment. During the distribution phase, the accumulated value of the annuity contract can be converted into a guaranteed income stream that can last for life or for a set period of time.

Annuities can be a key part of your overall retirement strategy – but they're not right for everyone.

Long term Care Insurance

Help protect your loved ones from financial, physical and emotional burden should you require the need for long term care.